Google and other search engines consist of 200 ranking elements that have the ability to take your website to the top page on SERP or if not planned properly then can throw you somewhere down, where you are not even visible.  Although every element is important, some of them are exceptionally important as keywords are one essential factor that plays a major role in ranking your website. Here, understand how keywords are important in the website ranking and how to optimize it to get a higher rank.

1. What are SEO Keywords?

The words that help to define your content means what your content is about; is SEO keywords. Keywords are the words that searchers use to reach on your website by putting them on search engines. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, keywords play an essential role in a website. With relevant keywords, an optimized website knows what type of keyword their visitors exactly use to visit your website.

Thus, it’s highly recommendable to jot down some content relevant keywords to get maximum web traffic and plan to work towards achieving better SEO.

2. Types of Keywords

There are 8 types of SEO keywords:

  • Branded Keyword: As the name says, in the search engine the name of a specific brand is searched by the searcher. Such specific search is term as branded keywords and name can be of taglines, an ongoing campaign, etc.
  • Unbranded Keyword: Using general keywords without any brand name attached to them. Mostly such keywords use when the searcher is not sure about which specific website he/she should visit.
  • Seed Words: The words used as initials; that indicate your business is seed words. While selecting your keywords these are the foremost keywords that you choose.
  • Page-Specific Keyword: On your website, these are used to reach out to a particular section and apply to a single web page.
  • Primary Keywords: The main set of keywords that you select on a priority basis to captivate high web traffic towards your website.
  • Secondary Keywords: As per the query from the visitors these are the supporting keywords that you use.
  • Head Terms: These are very limited keywords with demand and high search volume.
  • Long–Tail Keyword: These are user particular keywords having low search demand.

What is Keyword Density?

When compared to the total number of words in content the Keyword Density shows the percentage calculated the number of times a keyword appears.

To calculate keyword density there is a particular formula:

(Nkr* Nwp/Tkn)* 100

Where, Nkr denotes– repetition of a specific keyword

Tkn denotes- total words in analyzed texts

Nwp denotes- number of words in a phrase

Why Keyword Search is Important?

In the competitive and constantly growing world, every day many websites are being created and every website owner wants the website to be on top. Thus, to move your website ahead of the competitors, keyword searches play an essential role. It helps in evaluating and analyzing the frequency of searches by the user and how they searches and accordingly take decisions. It’s difficult to be on top rank on SERP but it is possible with a lot of hard work and patience. Thus, to achieve the highest level you are required to put effort continuously.

How Keywords Impact Your Website Ranking?

Top ways to improve your website’s ranking through keywords:

  • Keywords Used in Title Tag

Tags that are used in the title help the search engine to tell about the website’s content. Thus, at the top of your website’s content, it’s essential to use relevant tags with the title. It will become easy for the crawler to know what the content is about.

This tag is used by Google to display the website on SERP, therefore if you put relevant keywords in this tag it can assist in elevating the ranking of your website. This tag is co-related with the website ranking by Google and other search engines.

  • Keywords Used in Meta Description Tags

The first interaction of your website’s content with the visitors is Meta description tags. To attract web traffic and boost your conversion rate you should use relevant keywords giving accurate information about the content of your website. In Meta tags using keywords will make it easier for search engines to read and index your website.

  • Keywords Used in H1 Tags

While doing a keyword search another important factor to be considered is H1 Tags, as it provides the content summary. For an easy understanding of the content H1 to H6 tags should be used with every title. Crawler also uses these tags to index your website.

  • Content’s Length

Earlier the visitors were satisfied with just basic limited content. Now the scenario has changed, visitors look for something unique and captivating. Therefore, you should work accordingly and create relevant as well as valuable content. The length of the content may not be a problem but it should be created in such a way i.e. easy to understand and readable.

  • Search Good Keyword with Low Search Volume

For your keyword search, you should do a competitive search. Usually, you don’t target such keywords that possess low search volume, but in the case of two words having the same meaning but have different search volume, it’s advisable to select low search volume keywords to face less competition in the business.


If you follow the above mentioned factors, it doesn’t mean immediately you will achieve a top rank on SERP. But definitely, you will end up selecting some highly competitive keywords that require continued efforts to get a good ranking. In the beginning, it would be great if you focus on less competitive keywords to build the authority of your website.